Multi Creations

Ajay Modhwadia

Project Manager/Head Designer

Background – Architecture

Multicreation was established by Ajay Modhwadia in 1989. The goal has always been to provide a service to the Local Communities and this has continued over the years. With more than 30 Years of Experience in the Construction Industry, Ajay has developed Multicreation into a well-know Architectural Practice which provides an excellent professional service. With vast knowledge in the design aspects of Construction, Ajay has brought leadership and teaching skills.

Faluck Patel

Senior Designer/Consultant/CAD Technician/Project Supervisor

Background – Architecture and Town Planning

With a background of Traditional Architectural style, Faluck has become an important member of the Multicreation Team. Since joining, Faluck has developed into a key figure with a vast knowledge in both Traditional and Modern Designs. With special interests in New Build Homes and purpose built Flats, Faluck is an integral part of Multicreation and its progression.

Kishan Ganatra

Senior Designer/Consultant/CAD Technician/Project Supervisor

Background – Architecture and Design

Having joined Multicreation in 2006, Kishan has become a member who provides leadership skills and knowledge. As a Designer and Consultant, Kishan has established himself by incorporating Architectural elements with Business Management. With a keen interest in Flat Conversions, Homes Extensions and Client interaction, Kishan has become a key figure of the Multicreation team. Planning Policies and Guidelines for Residential & Commercial Developments are a key element of the sector. Obtaining up-to-date information for Multicreation is a part of Kishan’s role.

Mehdi Taghavi


Background – Construction and Building Design

Mehdi has developed into an important member of the Multicreation Team since 2009. With vast experience in Residential Extensions and Commercial developments, Mehdi brings a modern Architectural style. A special interest in Building Regulations and Planning Policies has become an integral part of Mehdi’s position. With bi-lingual attributes, Mehdi also provides great communication skills for Clients of multinational backgrounds.

Mitesh Pankhania

Designer/Architectural Technologist

Background – Architectural Technology/Basement Design

With a background in Basement Design and Construction, Mitesh provides experience for both new Build developments and Extensions. Since joining in 2012, Mitesh has progressed his skills in the Architectural field and developed a keen interest in Building Construction. With a vast array of modern Construction techniques, Mitesh has the drive to research and advance his knowledge.

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